No Strings Attached: Yeah right

After watching “No Strings Attached” (which will be out  on DVD in May) in theaters I really started thinking…Can a person really just have sex with someone and there be no strings? In my opinion I think that no I don’t think that it is possible. Now I know you are thinking: well how would this small town girl know all she probably knows is being in relationships and what not. Well yes you’re about right if you think that, however; I know a lot of people who tried this and personally it failed for them. So I’m going off of that. Okay first of all I would like to start out by giving a definition that basically describes what a friend with benefit is. According to Urban Dictionary a Friend with Benefit is: Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved; typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment. Now that we know what a friend with benefit is we can talk about why I think that it is not possible. I have basically two different theories on why this is. The first one is because of how female’s emotional tendencies always manage to get in the way. As a female myself I know that we are very emotional people. I also know that sex for us is more than just well sex. It is a chance to get closer physically and mentally with your partner. So if you are just causally having sex with a friend you are bound to feel something towards that him. It might not happen right away but it will happen. Then even if a female is okay with just having sex with said friend, men will find a way to mess it up. Men are well strange and complicated creatures and their minds are just as scary. Men “don’t like other guys playing with their toys” and their jealously will most defiantly get the better of them. Maybe not at first but soon it will bug him to no end. All these feelings will boil up inside him until he bust and boom no more friend with bene.   As I stated before: YOU CAN NOT HAVE SEX WITHOUT THERE BEING SOME SORT OF EMOTION ATTACHED TO IT. So to save you from all this emotional damage do what I do and just don’t do it. Save yourself for someone who you truly love and adore.  I’m not saying that no person on this planet isn’t able to have friends with benefits. There are a handful of people who can. So if you are among the handful of people who can good for you this post may not relate to you personally but I hope that you still do take something from it. Now I want to hear from you guys…What do you think about the Friends with benefits subject? Do you feel that you can have sex without all the emotionally attachment or are you like me and think that it is impossible? Leave comments and tell me what you think.


One thought on “No Strings Attached: Yeah right

  1. I could not agree more with this. i just recently ended it with my friend with bene. Def blew up in my face. At first I was completely fine with it. it was reckless and all that. But it didnt help that when I first met him, I liked him as a person and was just instantly attracted to him. It also did not help the fact that this kid was always making promises to me of adventures we would go on. Things HE would bring up. NOT ME. Ever– which, naturally, only made me think it was going somewhere MORE. which then got me to get my hopes up, then crash and burn when I had a gut feeling things were different. the way he acted and etc. and then finding out he was back with an ex… one who apparently cut his throat one time while he was sleeping… ya. ANYWHO, I ended it and havent spoken since… to wrap this whole thing up, form my own experience and others I have heard, this never works.

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