Finals Week Oh No!!!!

Third Law of Applied Terror – 80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read. – Unknown

The week that all college student near and far fear has finally approached us. Yes, finals week my dear. The week that comes along and brings only pain and torture to those of which who BS throughout the semester and just need a certain grade to pass the class. Now I know that you are tired of looking at a boring textbook wondering where the hell you were the week that you were supposed to be learning all this information, so here are some things that will lighten up your day, make you laugh, and help get you through this tough time. Also, I will include some tips and tricks that I picked up to help you get through the week without killing yourself or others for that matter.

Tip #1: Open that big heavy book that you paid all the money for that just been sitting on your desk or under your bed and I don’t know read it for a change.

Tip # 2: The best time to study is right before you go to sleep (if you go to sleep that is).  It’s more likely that you will remember more when and it will be fresh in your mind when you wake up.

Tip #3: Take a Break sometime. Clearly you are following this tip =) since you are reading this. Or maybe you are in the screw these finals I’m going to become a stripper mode. But really if you study too hard you will most likely forget everything that you read. So go on Facebook/ Twitter and complain about how you hate school and you want to drop out and become a stripper. (I honestly have nothing against stripper I actually have said those exact words about 100,201,123,147,125,444 times a semester. )

Tip #4: Osmosis is not the way to go! The information is not going to just magically end up in your brain if you just open the book and stare at the pages. Trust me I’ve tried and it didn’t work and if you get it to work please let me know how you did it. Please!!!!!

Tip #5: Whatever you do…DO NOT CRAM! Cramming vast amounts of information on a single subject hours before a test NEVER works. it’s a waste of time and more likely you think you’re going into the test room knowing everything and as soon as you sit down to actually take the test it will just magically disappear and you will have that Oh Crap I’m Screwed moment.  One way that will help while study I found is to use a mnemonic device(Remember theses: ROY G BIV, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, FACE/ Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, HOME)  or a technique I learned in my PSYCH 101 class  (God I thought that I would never write or say those words 😀 ) where you relate something that you need to learn to something familiar to you. Studies show that you are less likely to forget something that is meaningful to you than a random fact.

Tip #6: Stop Procrastinating. Stop saying that you will study later because later never comes. If you leave everything to the last minuet nothing will get done. And you will FAILLLLLL!

I would just like to wish you all good luck on your finals and remember it will be worth it in the end (I think…..). And to party hard when it’s all over cause you deserve it!!!!!!

Peace Love and Skittles ❤


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