To See Or Not To See…That is the question?

You sit down curled up by the fireplace on a frosty winter’s eve within your hands you have an untold adventure that you are about to take voyage on. You open the book, close your eyes and take into the fresh smell of the unknown that has yet to be discovered. You start to read and within your head you start to see a silent movie. You are fully emerged into the book and forget about everything that is around you. It is just you, the characters, and this new journey that you have created. The characters are exactly how you imagine them out to be and nothing has changed. For the next couple of hours you have control over what and when things happened within this mini movie. No time constriction, no movie budget, no overpaid actors; just you, the novel, and your mind’s eye.

Now the same setting, you sit down by the fireplace on a frosty winter’s eve but this time within your hands you now hold a movie. This movie happens to be the same movie of your favorite novel. You’ve read this novel many, many times and already know what will make it a great movie. You pop the movie into the Blu-ray player and press play. Opening credits are over and the movie has started.  Then boom you then see an overly paid actress that doesn’t look anything like what the main character is supposes to look like. Throughout the next two hours you sit there watching Hollywood’s take on a great novel. Mind you they are messing it up, horribly. After the fake happily ever after and the credits start to roll in with a top 40 pop song that has nothing to do with the movie or the book for that matter plays making you forget about how disappointed  you are on how they made this great novel into something that would be “sell-able” to American’s youth, you start to think: why and what was the point?

How many times have you’ve been excited to see a movie of a book that you just finished reading? Now, how many times can you say that after you’ve seen that movie you were just disappointed in how much they changed and left out? For me, that happens a lot. I have gotten into this horrible habit where I read a book, fall in love with said book, then a couple of months the movie comes out, get really excited about seeing it, go see it, and just sit in the theater making a mental list on what they change and what was not right and what they should have done to make the movie even better. Exhausting to say the least, I know. It has gotten so bad my friends just won’t go to the movies with me if it is based on a book. I understand that in making a movie there is a time constriction and money issues and they can’t afford to put in all the small details that the novel has but really you can at least get the characters right. For example, in the novel Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, Savannah was supposed to be a brunette, and Amanda Seyfried is defiantly not a brunette. But hey, I guess they put that little change in to get more guys to watch the movie because we girls had Channing Tatum to distract us from the many, many things that they changed from the novel. Now I know you may be thinking: hey, you go to the movies to enjoy what is playing not to give a critical review on how precise the movie is and really how many of us actually read the book.

But that is just it. Why would you see a movie that is based on a book if you never read the book? I remember I was waiting in line to go see The Help in theater and overheard some girls who could not be older than fifteen talking about the book. One girl asked whether the other actually read the book and the other just laughed and said: no why would they read the book, it was too long and plus they can just see the movie and the movies are just like the books. It took all I had to not turn around and tell the two girls that the books are nothing like the movies. That they book are better and explain the characters better than a movie could ever do in the two hours which they run for. After the movie I overheard the same two girls complaining on how the movie was just bad and confusing. This time I just laughed because I know that they missed out of something amazing just because they did not take the time out from they’re oh so busy life to actually pick up a book and read. It’s so sad how some people think that just because a book is also a movie means that it just going to just like it. But hey, that is enough on what I think on that matter. I want to hear from you…


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