What I’ve Learnt From Disney Movies

Let me just say that I love Disney movies. I am 21 years old and I still watch them more than I should. While watching one, one night I got me to thinking what Disney actually teaches little children. Now I’m warning you that some things are a bit offensive so if you don’t have a sense of humor please stop reading right now. This is just for fun remember ! Read at your own risk…..

What good ol Disney taught me through the years:

  1. That it is perfectly normal to burst out singing and dancing, even if you are just walking to go get something to eat.
  2. That your hair should be perfect even after you have just been in a fight
  3. That all old, hefty, unattractive people are going to just screw you over and they can’t be trusted
  4. That animals should clean you room if you sing to them
  5. That it is perfectly normal to live with seven men that you just met
  6. That there is a prince charming out there for every girl that wishes on stars
  7. That you don’t have to listen to your parents
  8. Wait…there really aren’t parents  lol
  9. That being pretty is an advantage
  10. That all guys are strong, handsome, and pretty much are gods in a way
  11. That it is perfectly normal to have talking animals
  12. That if you lie your nose will grow
  13. That it is perfectly normal to run into an unknown forest talking to animals that are clearly high on LSD and hanging out with people who are are certifiably crazy.
  14. Oh and on that note; that it is perfectly okay to run into the woods with a stranger chasing pretty lights that happen to be in the sky
  15. That with just a little fairy dust anyone can fly
  16. That once you leave the room your toys magically come alive
  17. That if you come upon a monkey with a stick RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! He’ll hit you and laugh about it
  18. That humans can actually fit down a rabbit hole
  19. Fish are friends not food =D
  20. That in the end good always comes on top
  21. And that you always have an happily ever after
  22. That you shouldn’t have any worries !

I would love to hear somethings that Disney has taught you through the years. Just leave a comment below. =)


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