What college has taught me…so far

Throughout the next couple of week I’m going to post random things about college. May they be pictures. or lists, or just plain useless information. Mostly to get my mind off the the tests and finals that will be coming up for me in the next few weeks. So I hope that you enjoy!!!

So in this episode of Procrastination at it’s finest

Here is the top 10 things that I have learnt( or is it learned?!?) throughout my years in college.sweatpants

  1. Always buy the textbooks. However, if they are not used within the first few weeks of class, return them. Because they will never be used. And it is better to get all your money back then just at the most 30% of it back.
  2. Talking about textbooks, if you do use them. Don’t just skim through the readings. Look at all the charts, diagrams, graphs, and what not. Because more than likely it will be on tests.
  3. If you are at an University that offers a Meal Plan, get it. That will save you A LOT of money and cut down your food cost even if you are living off campus.
  4. With that said, if you live off campus and are close enough to walk. Walk, whenever you can. You wouldn’t have to spend that much money on gas and you will get exersie
  5. There is no way that you will know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you are eighteen. So pick a major that is versatile. I’m majoring in Mass Communications with a track in Advertising with a minor in English and Communication Studies. Wow that’s a mouth full. But with all of that I know that I can get a job in whatever field I want to work in. Whether it be in Advertising, Management, Sales, whatever; really the sky is the limit. And I’ve changed my major many, many times before I found something that I really enjoyed. So don’t worried about picking the right major your first year. And for those who have known what they wanted to do since they were like….3 and haven’t changed their mind yet… screw you lol
  6. Going off that. If you change your major too many times it will begin to push you back semesters. Which is why this is my fourth year in college but i’m just a Junior.
  7. Starbucks is expensive! Really expensive. And having a caffeine addiction is also expensive.230105862181251095_4z4lBjmY_c
  8. If you have a choice always sit in the middle of the class. Not to far in the front because that’s just weird. And not to far in the back because then you will never learn anything.
  9.  Always, always make at least one friend in all your classes. Trust me, venting on Facebook is always okay, but it is nice to have someone who’s in your class experiencing the pain first hand.
  10. Lastly, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Don’t spend all your time in college studying. It is the only time before you really have to enter the “real world” to really have some fun. So go out, hang with some friends, party a little. Have fun. You will learn to balance school life and a social life. I know that this is going to sound a bit…cliched but, these are the best years of your life, so live them.
  11. And here is an extra one just because I think that you guys are amazing lol. SWEATPANTS ARE YOUR FRIEND! I used to have a rule that I would never step foot outside my house in anything that wasn’t jeans, a dress, or skirt. But then I took an 8am class. Living off campus… yeah it was so much easier for my to get up take a quick shower and throw on a pair of cozy, still cute though, sweatpants or yoga pants and go off to class than having to worrying about what to wear, if it matches, and what not. Plus it’s an 8am class no one looked…awake… or put together in that class lol

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