College Professors: The Four Different Types You’ll Come Across

Hello All! The time is almost near when schools will open up for another year of papers, presentations, and all-nighters. And I thought that it would be helpful for the incoming freshmen to know what kinds of Professors that they will be faced with in the next couple of weeks. So here it is; The Four Different Types of Professors within College:


  1. The “Fun to be around” Professor. This type of professor is fun and you would want to go to their class. They make learning fun and unnoticeable. This professor you would end up befriending and you will miss them when you leave their class. You would also sign up for classes that you may not need just so you could be their student again. This professor would be your most memorable Professor.
  2. The “Hard Ass” Professor~ Now this professor starts out the semester telling you that you would be lucky to even get a “C” in the class, and they mean it. Everyone would try to avoid this professor’s class not because they are a bad teacher but because it would be the most challenging thing that you would ever face in your College years. This professor cares a lot about participation and attendance and will lower your grade just for being late or missing their class.
  3. The “Easy A” Professor ~ the opposite from the “hard ass” professor is the “Easy A” professor. This professor gives you every opportunity to get an A in the class. Extra credit, open book test, puts their PowerPoint online so you really do not have to do any work. And everything on their test is on the PowerPoint’s and not the book. This professor is most likely going to be easy going and not care much about participation or attendance.
  4. The “I have a degree thus I know it all” Professor. This Professor is the most superficial of them all. They believe that just because they have the degree that they know all. They do not take too kindly to you disagreeing with their point of view, or anything that they say. They want things to be their way or the high way. Also, a professor that gets avoided a lot.

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