Merry Christmas

I just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! Or happy holiday if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Have a good day! Peace love and Skittles!&



What I’ve Learnt From Disney Movies

Let me just say that I love Disney movies. I am 21 years old and I still watch them more than I should. While watching one, one night I got me to thinking what Disney actually teaches little children. Now I’m warning you that some things are a bit offensive so if you don’t have a sense of humor please stop reading right now. This is just for fun remember ! Read at your own risk…..

What good ol Disney taught me through the years:

  1. That it is perfectly normal to burst out singing and dancing, even if you are just walking to go get something to eat.
  2. That your hair should be perfect even after you have just been in a fight
  3. That all old, hefty, unattractive people are going to just screw you over and they can’t be trusted
  4. That animals should clean you room if you sing to them
  5. That it is perfectly normal to live with seven men that you just met
  6. That there is a prince charming out there for every girl that wishes on stars
  7. That you don’t have to listen to your parents
  8. Wait…there really aren’t parents  lol
  9. That being pretty is an advantage
  10. That all guys are strong, handsome, and pretty much are gods in a way
  11. That it is perfectly normal to have talking animals
  12. That if you lie your nose will grow
  13. That it is perfectly normal to run into an unknown forest talking to animals that are clearly high on LSD and hanging out with people who are are certifiably crazy.
  14. Oh and on that note; that it is perfectly okay to run into the woods with a stranger chasing pretty lights that happen to be in the sky
  15. That with just a little fairy dust anyone can fly
  16. That once you leave the room your toys magically come alive
  17. That if you come upon a monkey with a stick RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! He’ll hit you and laugh about it
  18. That humans can actually fit down a rabbit hole
  19. Fish are friends not food =D
  20. That in the end good always comes on top
  21. And that you always have an happily ever after
  22. That you shouldn’t have any worries !

I would love to hear somethings that Disney has taught you through the years. Just leave a comment below. =)

Valentine’s Day: Scam or Not?

That time is finally near. The time where you see heart shaped balloons, in every store, which would read some affectionate saying. Or over-size teddy bears and mushy cards to show how much you love the person you are with. Where people who are single complain about not having anyone to spend this romantic day with. And where couples plan a romantic outing. But really thinking about it; where in the world did this overly commercialized holiday originate from? Because I for one know for a fact that the Ancient Romans did not go around on February 14th sending love letters and boxes of chocolates to the one that he/she adores. So I did a little digging on the internet and I found out that really no one even knows where this Holiday came from. Shocker, I know. So here is my theory. I believe that Valentine’s Day is a day that greeting cards and other commercialized companies made up for us consumers to feel like we are obligated to show our love and affection by stimulating the economy in a certain way; for whether it be by buying chocolates, flowers, cards, teddy bears, it really doesn’t matter. However, my thing is you really shouldn’t need a specific day to force you to show that you love someone and care about them. You should just do it automatically. Furthermore, buying a person something doesn’t make them love you anymore or less. You should not love someone based off of the amount that they spend on you on this pointless holiday. Love them for who they are and how they treat you. Love them all day, every day. Not just one day out of the year. That’s my advice to you. Don’t wait until February to spread the love do it every month 365 days of the year. And for all you single people out there wishing that you had someone to share this holiday with remember you do. Share it with the ones you love the most, your friends and family.   I hope everyone has a pleasant Valentine’s day!

Peace Love & Skittles,

Chivalry…Dead or Still Kicking?

“Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life.”–Olive, Easy A 


  • Chivalry// [1] the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms. 
  •  Chivalrous// [1] having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty. 
                                    [2] considerate and courteous to women; gallant
                                    [3]gracious and honorable toward an enemy, especially a defeated one, and toward the weak or poor.

Opening the door, picking up the check, pulling out the chair; those are just examples of a few chivalrous or gentlemanly acts that once a long time ago happened quit often. But today in the 21st century, do we really have much of those acts going on? Some may say, yes there are a lot of acts of chivalry still going  on. But others, however, may disagree fully. They may say things like chivalry was lost when women wanted to be treated like equals. However, should we blame the equality that women once hoped for or is society as a whole the ones to blame for this mid evil tradition to have faded away with the test of time? Are there really any chivalrous people out there in the century where it is socially acceptable to have “causal sex” and not think twice about it?

Call me a hopeless romantic but, yes, I do still feel that chivalry is still alive and kicking, with the right guy of course, though this quality is very, very rare to come upon of course. I feel that there are still those prince charming, knights in the shiny armor type guys that still walk around today just waiting to treat his princess “right”. On the other hand, there are a handful of guys out there in the world today that just want sex and will do anything to get it. Not wanting this to be one-sided I wanted to hear from other’s. So I went on Facebook and asked some friends what their honest thoughts on this subject was and here what I got. Most of them responded yes it was dead. But the one response that I got that really caught my eye was from a young Marine. It stated:

“Yes chivalry is dead. It died along with the feminist movements. Women didn’t want to be treat as lesser beings than men and so the old ways of ill open the door pay for the meal pull out the chair went away. But today no one cares about anything but pleasure in the moment . Young kids lose their virginity as young as possible just to know the pleasure , not even thinking what could come from it. There’s no line of decency, so if a guy wants something he doesn’t have to wait or prove to a girl who he’s truly interested. If she isn’t giving it up then hell move on. That’s why our young marriages fail. No one cares about others only self pleasure.” –Ash Harris

After reading this I felt that ‘wow are there no good guys left, that care about you as an individual with my own thoughts and not just another notch on his headboard.’ That just can’t be! Though this comment maybe true I’m just too stubborn to believe so. I still feel that there are many princes out there in the sea of frogs.

No Strings Attached: Yeah right

After watching “No Strings Attached” (which will be out  on DVD in May) in theaters I really started thinking…Can a person really just have sex with someone and there be no strings? In my opinion I think that no I don’t think that it is possible. Now I know you are thinking: well how would this small town girl know all she probably knows is being in relationships and what not. Well yes you’re about right if you think that, however; I know a lot of people who tried this and personally it failed for them. So I’m going off of that. Okay first of all I would like to start out by giving a definition that basically describes what a friend with benefit is. According to Urban Dictionary a Friend with Benefit is: Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved; typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment. Now that we know what a friend with benefit is we can talk about why I think that it is not possible. I have basically two different theories on why this is. The first one is because of how female’s emotional tendencies always manage to get in the way. As a female myself I know that we are very emotional people. I also know that sex for us is more than just well sex. It is a chance to get closer physically and mentally with your partner. So if you are just causally having sex with a friend you are bound to feel something towards that him. It might not happen right away but it will happen. Then even if a female is okay with just having sex with said friend, men will find a way to mess it up. Men are well strange and complicated creatures and their minds are just as scary. Men “don’t like other guys playing with their toys” and their jealously will most defiantly get the better of them. Maybe not at first but soon it will bug him to no end. All these feelings will boil up inside him until he bust and boom no more friend with bene.   As I stated before: YOU CAN NOT HAVE SEX WITHOUT THERE BEING SOME SORT OF EMOTION ATTACHED TO IT. So to save you from all this emotional damage do what I do and just don’t do it. Save yourself for someone who you truly love and adore.  I’m not saying that no person on this planet isn’t able to have friends with benefits. There are a handful of people who can. So if you are among the handful of people who can good for you this post may not relate to you personally but I hope that you still do take something from it. Now I want to hear from you guys…What do you think about the Friends with benefits subject? Do you feel that you can have sex without all the emotionally attachment or are you like me and think that it is impossible? Leave comments and tell me what you think.