The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer

“I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever” –Suzanne Collins

Oh my Gosh!!!! It is here finally!! Here is a taste of the second installment to the Hunger Games Trilogy!!!!!!!  Enjoy and remember “may the odds be ever in your favor!”


Breaking Dawn: Food for thought

** Spoiler alert **

Within this post it gives away what happens within the whole book. If you have not
read the book yet and are unaware of what happened you many not want to read
this post.

I know that it’s too early to be thinking about, well in fact obsessing over, what the movie Breaking Dawn would be like. If you are a die-hard twilight fan like me I bet you are doing the same. BD is the final book of the twilight series and there are so many important details and events that take place. That if one thing is left out of the movie that would be a huge disgrace to the novel itself. Obviously that is a lot of pressure on the director. Within the book, Stephenie went into great details about Bella and Edward’s wedding. She made it feel like you were there standing in the Cullen’s house watching the wedding yourself and taking in all the scent that Bella is taking in. Then, Stephenie did the honeymoon scene it was beautiful and very “tasteful”. We all know that Bella and Edward were very intimate during their time on Isle Esme but Stephenie also didn’t go into all the smutty details that she could have gone into leaving a lot to my imagination. In a movie; however, you take away the element of imagining things for yourself. The director shows you what he feels that things should look like. I just hope that his vision is somewhat like my own.

In addition, within BD there were a lot of shocking surprises. For one, who ever knew that a vampire could procreate with a human! Being immortal means giving up all human rights of bearing children, right? Well Stephenie didn’t think so. BD went from being a story full of love and happiness to one that is full of sorrow and anguish. That twist is very rare because pregnancies are supposed to be joyful and happy. Bella loved the baby so much that she was going to carry out this pregnancy even though it was clearly killing her; with the only hope is to keep her heart beating long enough so that being turned into a vampire would save her. Edward was put in so much pain. He loved Bella so much that he would truly do and go through ANYTHING. Stephenie wrote the chapters following the honeymoon so sad and in so much detail. I really hope the director and actors both portray the sadness and agony to give justices of the book. I mean not to do it or make it less sad is really bad.

After the wedding and mostly throughout the book BD is supposed to be sad and depressing. I mean she’s carrying a baby that is breaking every bone in her body and trying to kill her. Even after the birth of their child then the Volturi is coming to MURDER the entire Cullen family. There is nothing happy and joyful about that. So this movie shouldn’t be all sunshine and butterflies all the time. Now they do have to cut down on some scene and make them less graphic to keep this movie PG-13. For instance, chapter 18, the birth, was by the most graphic thing that Stephenie ever written. With Bella’s bones creaking and the throwing up blood eww just thinking about it now makes me sick to my stomach. However Edward, who was hard-pressed about not changing Bella, now was trying to get as much of his venom in her heart as possible to save her. This book is filled with love, friendship, sorrow, happiness, and so much more. I just hope that this upcoming movie gives the justice that the book deserves.



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