Who in the world is Rebecca Black??

****UPDATE 06/22/2011****

I Have just learned that The Offical Video for this song has been taken down. It’s about time!!

A couple of nights ago I was watching The Soup on E and Joel McHale was talking about this new YouTube sensation. And I thought to myself great now we’re going to have yet another Justin Bieber. But no this one is worse way worse. She came on singing her first single in titled “Friday”. My ears started to burn from the horror of how bad her voice is. I didn’t catch the name thank goodness. But today one of my friends on Facebook stated that if another person said anything else about Rebecca Black he was going to de-friend said person. Then it hit me. Well who is this Rebecca Black person anyways? So I did what any person of my generation would do if they didn’t know an answer to some…I Goggled it. And there behold my eyes was that same girl I saw just a couple of nights ago singing horribly about it being Friday. Then I decided to watch the whole music video, because I’m like hey it could be an okay video. But NO it’s not. It’s just as horrible and stupid as the song. I mean come on now.  But what really got me was the whole  verse “Gotta get to the bus stop, gotta catch my bus, I see my freinds…Kickin’ in the front seat, sitting in the back seat gotta meake my mind up which seat can i take?” However in the music video all but one seat is full! There is only one that you can sit in!!! Come on now. Then she going to break down the days of the week for us like we are stupid and didn’t know them. But hey if this is what music has come to. Don’t let me and my taste in music get to you. Now I don’t think of myself as a judgmental person or someone who will kill a kid’s dream but hey someone has to da it. Whether or not that this video let alone the song was a spoof or for real, I personally don’t think that this girl should make anymore songs. I mean come on how many dislikes can your video get until you get this in your head? Anyways they moral to this story is just because Justin Bieber got discovered and made it off of YouTube I’m sorry to say but it doesn’t mean that it is going to happen to everyone. Now if you think that I am being too “mean” or “harsh” on this newly coming “singer” I will put her video below and you yourself can decide what her fate shall be… but i hould warn you veiw at your own risk!!!