It’s finally here! The official theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!! I can not wait until November, but until then; “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Game of Thrones- TV Show Review

hbo-bringing-back-game-of-thrones-for-a-third-chapter“Fear cuts deeper than swords”

With the end of season three I thought that I do a quick review of the series. Now let me warn you that I have not finish reading the books quite yet so please do not get on me for that. This is just from the TV Show not about the book.

Now on with the review…

Game of Thrones is basically several different kings fighting for the right to the Iron Throne after the death of the king of the realms. While the civil war is going on, there is an exile princess (now queen) who’s across the sea who tries to find her way back to fight for her right to the Iron throne that was taken from her family and mystical creatures start to approach the kingdom causing threats to the north that are supernatural. Be warned: WINTER IS COMING!

ldldI just got into the show a couple of months ago from a recommendation from a friend. So I went on HBO and I watched it from the very first episode before I saw the latest one. And let me say I was hooked from the very first 30 minutes. It was quickly paced and by the end of the episode it always left you wanting more. I liked that. The only thing that I couldn’t get over is all the NAMES!!!!!! There were so many and I just could keep the straight. When I was trying to explain it to other friends who have not saw the show or read the book it was very difficult. So, I just ended up not talking about the show with them and just with the friends who were going through the things that I was going through. But, after watching the first seasons and half of the second I started to come up with cleaver nicknames for characters that were important to the plot (Father Stark, Mother Stark, King guy, Jon Snow, Baby Stark, Princess Stark, Badass-little girl Stark, Bran badass dragon girl…) As the seasons went on I finally got the names of all the characters and now can tell others about the show. Another thing that I didn’t like about this show is the fact that whenever I get attached to a character and really started to like them, they…(oh I guess I shouldn’t give away too much…)

got-game-of-thrones-33186384-500-562There is a bunch of gore and nudity but oddly enough I was okay with it. It wasn’t tasteless and it stuck to the plot so it wasn’t like the producers just randomly put it in to get more viewers. I would have to say that within the three seasons there are about two episodes that will make or break the whole show for you. One of them was just predictable, even to those who didn’t read the book beforehand. However, the other on just blindsided me. And let me just say WOW! I have never been in such shock and speechless after watching a show until now…it was just…well you have to watch the show to find out. All in all it was just a wonderful TV show and I will recommend it to EVERYONE that I know! I mean GO if you don’t already watch it you should you don’t know what you are missing out on. And I cannot wait until 2014 when season 4 comes out!


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer

“I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever” –Suzanne Collins

Oh my Gosh!!!! It is here finally!! Here is a taste of the second installment to the Hunger Games Trilogy!!!!!!!  Enjoy and remember “may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Breaking Dawn- pt.2 OMFG!!!

As most of you guys know I’m a huge twihard fan. Last night I had the pleasure on going to the 10pm showing of Breaking Dawn part 2 and oh my god let me just tell you…WOW… It was amazing. Throughout the whole movie I was an emotional mess.  Finally, they did something right the this saga! Bella finally had her chance to shine. Everything seemed just right. I don’t want to give too many things away because it just fully came out today and I DON’T WANT TO GIVE ANYTHING AWAY… for once. All I’m going to say is the ENDING…wow…. It was not that expected and then again it was in a way…. If you haven’t gone and seen the movie yet. GO! you won’t regret it. And i’ll give a much detailed review at a later date when more people have seen it.

Peace,  love, and skittles
Have a great weekend!

What Movies Taught Me (Part 1)

As many of you may know, or not know, I love to watch movies. All types of movies. Well no that’s a lie I hate horror films, but even those scares movies gave me many life lessons that will stick with me forever. Now just because I don’t want this to be about 20 pages longs This particular blog is going to be broken down into three separate posts. This one is going to be what my top 11 movies taught me.

  1. Pretty Woman taught me that all you have to do is be a hooker and you can find prince charming and fall in love. I mean really what am I still doing in school (just kidding). But really Julia Roberts was a street walker who dropped out of school and she still manage to snag Richard Gere.
  2. Titanic taught me that if you really love someone then you should let them freeze to death in the middle of the ocean right after you sleep with him. I mean really Rose had the chance to get on a life boat but she chose to stay with Jack. Romantic I know, but it would be more romantic if too would of died along with him. But no, she got on the door or whatever the thing was and she lived.
  3. Talking about movies that had Leonardo Dicaprio in it. Romeo and Juliet taught me that you should just defy your family’s wishes and go off with someone you love and just die. I mean I know that it’s one of the greatest love story’s in history, but really thing about it, was it really a love story? I mean think about it. It’s about a thirteen year old female, Juliet, and a seventeen year old male, Romeo. I mean they were children. Hormone crazed children who just defied their parent’s wishes and in the end many, many people died. None of that seemed romantic to me.
  4. The Notebook taught me that I will never look as hot as Rachael McAdam’s did kissing in the rain. I have tried the whole kissing in the rain thing expecting that it would of been similar to the scene in The Notebook, but boy was I wrong. It was nothing like it. It was cold and wet and I couldn’t breath and makeup was running all down my face. It was horrible.
  5. Atonement taught me that you could be a best selling author if you just send an innocent boy to jail because you thought that you saw something that really wasn’t true. Also, if you ruin something you can always rewrite the mistake and sell it.
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean taught me that I should go the Caribbean more because there are very hot pirates there.
  7.  Saved! taught me that if you wanted to “save” your boyfriend from eternal damnation all you have to do is sleep with them and become pregnant. I mean that fixes things every time.
  8. Easy A taught me that acting like a slut is just worse as actually being one. Also, it taught me that if you really want to help someone who’s not cool or being bullied you just go around school telling people that you slept with them; even if you didn’t.
  9. Harry Potter taught me that I wasn’t cool enough to get accepted into Hogwarts.
  10. The Mummy taught me that, “no harm comes from reading a book.” Yeah and then a mummy comes to life and then tries to kill the whole world. So remember…. ” You mustn’t read from the BOOK!!!!” (Just Kidding… I do not advocate for people not to read…Reading= fun)
  11. Lastly, in light of the upcoming election, The Hunger Games taught me that the government has all the power. And we as citizens don’t really.